Our Farm

 Our Farm

  • human babies fitting goat babies
  • the girl and the lamp
  • holding a baby rabbit-
  • The dog & the horses in the river
  • Labis the horse Ninemia
  • peacock with tale open
  • Horse in the river drinking water
  • happy goats clinbing the tree
  • male turkeys in our farm

Includes, a dog & cats, small feathered animals such as hens, ducks, geese, bunnies, sheep and goats,
as well as a horse and pony for the childrens rides.

There are apple trees, walnuts, shrubs, quince trees, cherries, and cranberries, whose fruits make jams, spoon sweets, traditional drinks or pastries and are offered to our customers.

From 2015 we participate in the "Greek Breakfast" program with our production products.

Rural tourism helps to develop small-scale infrastructure projects with mild interventions in the environment and provides accommodation, dining and leisure services in order to make the visitor aware of the rural area and the rural activities, the cultural elements and the authentic features of the place, the local products, traditional cuisine and the everyday life of rural residents. You can live, on the farm of "Ninemia" complex this experience. Some of the activities,  which you can choose, depending on the season:

  • Fruit picking like nuts. corms, gooseberries, quinces, and participation in their processing.
  • composting, fragmentation deposition of organic residues in autumn.
  • cutting tearing and stacking of firewood
  • care of farm animals such as hens, geese, sheep, horses, rabbits

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