Ninemia Stay & Play

Min Age



The Newton Park

Availabe Season

All year round (Hotel guests only)


Free with Stay & Play Package OR 9€/person


Our special hexagonal obstacle & balance course is a big hit with all ages! Small kids but even adults will find it hard to complete it! Τα δραστήρια παιδιά αλλά και οι μεγάλοι θα δυσκολευτούν να το ολοκληρώσουν!

Ask kids to run around the garden a few times, and you’ll get no response, but challenge them to an obstacle course, and they are ready and waiting at the start line before you’ve finished the sentence! Get active with these fun obstacle courses for kids or adults.

course variety

Kids (and plenty of adults too!) love obstacle courses. The variety of obstacles, the fun of slithering on the tires, unsteady bridges, walking tightropes, or just the thrill of running against the clock – either way, they’re generally a winner with everyone, and you are guaranteed much laughter!