Aniada Village to Kaliakouda Mountain

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Path : M 5 From Aniada Village  to Kaliakouda Mountain (Lakkomata)

Route 1:30 minutes and return 1:00 hour

Total time 2:30 minutes

The route is  difficulty 2 on a scale from 1 to 5.

Equipment for the route:

• Climbing stick or ski boot
• Boots or closed shoes
• First aid kit (ask the hotel)
• Sunscreen for the face (depending on the season)
• Water (depending on the season)
• A small snack for snacks

Aniada : 1150m
Lakkomata: 1400m
Kaliakouda refuge: 1500m


From the village Aniada south of Karpenissi at an altitude of 1150m, to Lakkomata and the chapel of Panagia.
The difficulty of the route is on a scale from 1 to 5. The path we follow is the M5 with yellow markings.

The starting point is the church of Agios Nikolaos heading southwest following the M5 trail to Lakkomata of Kaliakouda mountain. At first we follow the route downhill and leads us to the forest south of the village. We cross the river and continue on the uphill path that is quite clear and distinct. This is a very beautiful route through parts of the forest, with spruce and clearings that offer us generous views of the surrounding mountain peaks.

After almost 3km we reach  Lakkomata and the chapel of Panagia at 1400m.
In this area is also the Monument of the battle of Kaliakouda that took place on 28-08-1823.
Here's the end of the journey we can rest, we take the way back.
Time 1.5 hours and 1.00 return

This point is a hub as it is a junction of the M5 trails with which we came, and M3 trail, going to Megalo Chorio and
of M4 trail, which ends at the top of Kaliakouda at an altitude of 2111m, after passing through the Kaliakouda refuge, which is only 500m and is at an altitude of 1500m.

From the location of Lakkomata and the chapel of Panagia we can follow the path M4 (with red markings) to the Kaliakouda Shelter.
Here we may have a short stop for relaxation, to quench drinking water from the stone fountain, and admire the view of Kaliakouda peak.