• Green Key certifications



Our hotel's certifications for ecological environmental management.

A hotel to be characterized as a green hotel must operate with full awareness of the environmental impact of its operation.

It must apply methods and practices that bring about maximum savings in energy and natural resources.

At the same time, it must publicize and promote its philosophy and its way of functioning and to its customers.

So, in turn, they also adopt corresponding tactics, both during their stay and in their everyday lives.

Our hotel has  GREEN KEY certification every year since 2014

Because linen quality matters.
We put a huge amount of effort into satisfying our guests. We aim for everything to be just right, from check-in through to departure, and laundry is no exception.

Towels, bedding and table linen should be brilliantly clean, fresh-smelling, and in perfect condition for guests to use.

Bed sheets washed daily in thousands of hotels all over the world, every day use millions of gallons of wate.

Thats why we change sheets on demand