Klafsi Village to Agios Leonidis

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Route : M 18 Klafsio  - Amblas - Kakaloureika - Agios Leonidis

Roundabout  1:30 minutes - 2:00 hours

The route is easy:  difficulty 1 on a scale from 1 to 5.


Equipment for the route:

• Climbing stick

• Boots or closed shoes

• First aid kit (ask the hotel)

• Sunscreen for the face (depending on the season)

• Water (depending on the season)

• A small snack

Klafsi Village : 800m


The path M18 is circular, which takes a circular route from the square of the village of Klausis, to the inactive Watermill of Xekarfotos and the stone bridge of Maganiari, then to the spring of Amble, the chapel of Agios Nikolaos and the temple of Agios Leonidis.
We start from Ninemia Hotel, and we return to it.
At the beginning of the route, we walk to the asphalt road leading to Proussos for about 200 meters until we reach Klafssiou Bridge on the left. We cross the bridge and we follow the direction towards Kakaloureika, to the right.
We skip the first junction, on the left, toAgios Leonidis, because we will meet him on the way back, and continue for another 100m. On the left side, we find the red marks that mark the whole path.
Our route has a dense low vegetation consisting of wadding, small bushes and all kinds of weeds, until a relevant sign informs us that on the left we find the spring of Amblas, and to the village straight.
First we will visit the spring of Amblas, that watering the scarce agricultural fields of the area before joining the Karpenissiotis River. Here, the village club has built picnic facilities in the beautiful clearing.
After we explore the area, we return to the route for the village.
Our route, is through the forest, some few ruined old houses, we will reach the privately owned Watermill of Xekarfotos, a small stone building beside the river, taking advantage of the momentum of water could grind the seeds of the inhabitants, turn them into flour.
This is where the stone Maganari bridge leads us safely to the other side of the river.
Here, we will climb up the road, on the left for 100m ant then in the cross, right, on the beautiful alleys of the village, we will see some beautiful stone houses. At the end of the road we reach the square of the village bearing the name of Markos Botsaris. In this area is also the large stone church that is dedicated to Agios Dimitrios.
Here there are taverns and traditional cafes, where we can relax.
Right from the church, the road that leads us to the Early Christian temple of Agios Leonidis from the 5th century AD. century. Today, a part of the mosaic floor is preserved in the church, but excavations are being made for the emergence a cemetery, from a parallel period.
Continuing on the M18 trail, leads us through the fields to the next point of interest that is Agios Nikolaos, a small stone-preserved chapel, in which the inhabitants of the village used to make manifestations.
We are going through the last part of our route as we approach the Klafssiou Bridge and from there right at 200m again back at "Ninemia" Hotel.

* The whole journey takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes without stopping and at a normal walking pace, with one stop and a slower pace of 2 hours.
* Necessary: boots, as in some places the vegetation really rags