Megalo Chorio → Old Mikro Chorio

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Path: M 21 From Megalo Chorio to Gavros and Palio Mikro Chorio
Route 1:00 hour and return 1:00 hour
Total time: 2 hours
The route is  difficulty 2 on a scale from 1 to 5.

   Equipment for the route:
• Climbing stick or ski boot
• Boots or closed shoes
• First aid kit (ask the hotel)
• Sunscreen for the face (depending on the season)
• Snack in Gavros

Megalo Chorio: 750m
Gavros: 650m
Lake of Palio Mikro Chorio: 850m
Square of Palio Mikro Chorio: 900m


We start from the square of Megalo Chorio, descending to the cobbled streets. We pass in front of the Folklore Museum of the Village, that definitely deserves a visit. The road continues between the beautiful stone houses of M. Chorio downhill to Gavros. We cross the metal bridge to get to the opposite bank of the Karpenissiotis river. We are in Gavros village, perhaps the only village, developed at the edges of the road, many restaurants and shops selling traditional products, are located on both sides of the road. Following the red signs on the uphill M-21 path through dense forest, plane trees, walnuts, and low vegetation, consisting of waders, small shrubs and all kinds of weeds, literally choking the path. Arriving at the main road that leads to Chorio to the left, it is evident the point that the landslide of Little Village happened on 13.01.1963 and is bare of fir trees. Many residents of the village lost their lives, their names are in the memorial of the 13 victims of the landslide, on our way right. A little further from the monument, we find the beautiful lake, formed after the landslide. Returning to the main road after a while, we arrive at the village square at 900m with huge plane trees and many beautiful stone fountains. Here there are traditional taverns and cafes where you can enjoy, the Evrytanian hospitality.