Old Mikro Chorio- Chelidona Peak

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Path:  M2 Trail From the Old Small Village to Chelidon

Route 2:30 minutes and return 2:30 minutes
The route has a degree of difficulty 4 on a scale from 1 to 5.

   Equipment for the route:

• Climbing stick or ski boot
• Boots or closed shoes
• First aid kit (ask the hotel)
• Sunscreen for the face (depending on the season)
• Water (depending on the season)
• A small snack for snacks


Old Small Village: 900m
Pitistis: 1440m
Chelidona Peak: 1925m

The path is just before the village square, on the paved alley. So we start our route on the M2 path and after passing some beautiful stone houses we will reach the point where the mountain lay in Mikro Chorio on 13-01-1963 where many villagers died.

At this point it has no vegetation.

Then follow the dirt road to the path through the forest to Potistis with the inscription "to your health, Stergios Chatzilakos".

Potistis is a stone fountain with a cistern where people and animals can quench. We have already passed more than half of the route, we continue the ascent to the col of the Chelidona mountain with a steep slope and rough terrain.

After a keen effort, we reach the peak of  Chelidona and we continue to the left top, which is the tallest, in about 15 minutes we are at the top!

From the top you can see Velouchi, Koniskos Mountain and the valley of the river.

 To the east is the peak of Kaliakouda. Finally, we see the Artificial Lake of Kremasta.

We go back on our downhill route