• panta vrexei gorge
  • panta vrexei gorge
  • panta vrexei gorge
  • panta vrexei gorge
  • panta vrexei gorge
  • panta vrexei gorge

Pantavrechi Gorge

Ideal visit time:  March – July-August .
Degree of difficulty: II
Duration: 3-5 hours by car and 1  hour hiking in the water
Return 1:00 hour

Tip!: From the parking lot to the waterfalls the hiking takes place in the water


Closed shoes for the route
Dry shoes and clothes for the return
Water and snack
First aid pharmacy (ask the hotel)
Sunscreen for the face (depending on the season)




Pantavrechei is not a classic canyon but it is the narrowest point of Krikelopotamos river that flows between the mountains Kaliakouda (2,101 m) and Platanaki (1,777 m)

The spectacle in this place is so impressive that you feel you have never seen a gorge before.
The waters of the rugged Kaliakouda on the south side of the mountain find a way out and form springs spilled from high altitude into Krikelopotamos.
This point is called "Pantavrechi" and means always raining.
Nature here is lively in one of Europe's cleanest areas.
(There are rare flora species such as Lilium Heildrechii and numerous plant communities of Pinguicola hirtiflora).
Inside the river lives trout, which in turn maintain the otters of the river.
The approach to "Pantavrechi" is however difficult to problematic and is therefore not widely known. The most tolerable route is from Domnista Evritania. The closest settlement on this side, once the village's main village, the farm-farming Roska.
The other route shorter but requires a 4X4 car is from Megalo Chorio - lakomata -diasela Kaliakouda -Doliana – Pantavrechei (Total 3 hours by car and 2hours walking in the river)