Karpenissi Town

Karpenissi is the capital of Evritania. It is located in the centre of the Prefecture, on the southwest side of Velouchi  mountain at an altitude of 965 meters.
In the  centre og the town there is a big square, featured  with huge plane trees 
The city of Karpenissi is not famous for its beauty. It was recently renoveded however, as its central streets were paved and along with the wonderfull square,the entire atmosphere had changed.
It is famous, however, for the surrounding nature: the imposing Velouchi Mountain, which also has trekking / hiking trails, and the ski resort, and an alpine lake, which is only approached in the summer months.
The name of Karpenissi, according to the strongest version, comes from the kosovlaschian word "c r p i n i s i", ie a place with many maples or pillars.  

Koryschades Village

Koryschades is a beautiful village. It is a traditional-listed settlement, just 5 kilometers from Karpenisi, on the way to Prouso
beautiful stone houses and old renovated mansions scattered at an altitude of about 950 meters.
The village encircles magnificent mountains and green slopes drowned in fir
  The view from above is unique
 Apart from its natural beauty, it is also a historic village
You will also find the National Resistance Museum!
The old school of the village that has been transformed into a museum.
It contains frescoes, showcases with historical photographs and rare documents from the resistance action of the Greeks
 In this school, in 1944 (from 14 to 27 May), the famous National Council met.
It was something like folk parliament, the supreme representative body of the Greek citizens


Megalo Chorio  

While here you can walk on the village’s stone alleys or on the paths in between the trees
 and cross wooden bridges over the brook. 
Megalo Chorio is a picturesque village with lively and warm atmosphere.
Most of its mansion stone houses are now restored.
On its cobbled streets we will discover the Folklore Museumand its small but quite interesting library. 
Here we will find beautiful hostels, food and coffee shops, sweet
(here is also the very old coffeehouse of Kyra-Paraskevi making the famous galaktoboureko), but also bars for a drink.
Leaving, do not forget to buy spoon sweets, liqueurs, honey, herbs and handmade pasta from the shops
that sell traditional local products

The name,  means big village, despite its name is a beautiful, picturesque, small, ‘green’ village
12 km away from Karpenissi. 

 Fidakia Village 

Fidakia are perhaps the more beautiful village of Evritania, with regard to functionalism, structure and built-up appearance,
stone houses, stone paths, paved with slabs streets
All the way to the village you can admire the view artificial lake of Kremaston.
In the centre of village is found the Holy Temple of Birth of Virgin Mary.
Near to village, in the area  ‘Kastri’  there are exist traces of fortress and unexploited objects of ancient settlement. 
Leaving from the village to Ag. Vlacherna and after 3km you will found the area
 “Tsagkaralona”  the point from which the view in the lake of Kremaston is  panoramic.



is on the way to Karpenissi. There he became one of the most important battles of the Revolution of 1821, on August 8, 1823, when Markos Botsaris with a force of 450 Souliotes attacked the Turkish Army. Today, there is  monument of Mark Botsaris, reminding visitors of the historical significance of Kefalovryso. Besides, it is an ideal location for relaxation. Ancient plane trees dominate the entire area and somewhere between them there is an artificial pond whose waters are renewed naturally by the local springs. A tavern serves local appetisers and coffee! 

The Black Cave

Must Go! One of the musts, in the area of Proussos , is the Black Cave.
The Black Cave is in the middle of the route of the black cave gorge,and is no longer a hidden secret, but one of the favourite stops of the travellers, after the famous monastery of Panagia Prousiotissa.

The easy part begins shortly after the Stremenos Shop, before the concrete  bridge that goes to Tornos Village, on the left side of the road.
There is a stone fountain at the beginning of the path. The path after the wooden bridge takes you to a dreamy landscape with waterfalls and small ponds. 

The path is easy and marked, which can be walked by children as well. The difficult part begins after the Black Cave, in the so-called Via Ferrata, which continues through the canyon but requires special equipment and, in any case, an experienced guide for beginners.
On rainy days, you have to be a little cautious on the path because the mud creates a slippery combination with the fallen leaves. Before you start, wear  boots or mountaineering shoes for more safety.

Degree of difficulty 1 from 1-5

Black Cave Proussos