Tornos Village Paths

Trails of Tornos village

The paths of Tornos Village

Crossing the village, you will come across with seven marked paths:


Route A: "Waterfalls Path"

Route B: "Mountain Path"

Route C: "The Gorge of Torno"

Route D: "Small Pantavrehti - High Bridge"

Route E: "Ridge Path"

Route G: "To Kastania Path"

Route H: "The path of" Palavogianni "

Route I: "Chilkoot Pass" - New!

Route I: "Downhill waterfalls Route" - New! -

Route K: "The Great Route (22 km)" - New!

Tornos is located at the southwestern  of the prefecture of Evrytania, 35 km from Karpenisi, 55 km from Agrinio
and at an altitude of 800 m.
The village is drowned in the fir trees, with its stone-built houses rising among vineyards that grow in fields called terraces.

In recent years, at the initiative of the local Association and the remaining inhabitants, with great effort and even more passion,
the Tornians decided to "clean" and "polish" the appearance of the village.
Proud of the natural beauty of their place, they  decided to "rebrand", their village  voluntarily.