We designed and constructed a new train from scratch!

Brand new train with three carriages, two closed and one convertible!

Exclusively made by us with our guests' needs in mind, the design is based on the children's favorite carriage on the previous train and the engine is based on the much-loved fire engines!

It's one of our favorite projects since it allowed us to follow both our aesthetic and our creativity to add a beautiful train to our hotel complex!

American pediatricians, published in the journal "Pediatrics" of the Academy, point out that good old toys, such as dolls, trains, cars, bricks, paints, books, etc. usually give young children more freedom to use their imagination, enhance their creativity, practice their problem-solving skills, and learn to interact with others around them.

In the last two decades, a significant change has been observed internationally in the perceptions of parents about their children's games, considering it necessary to give them the "baptism" of modern technology from a very early age. As a result, electronic and virtual games are constantly gaining ground, i.e. without physical presence, from video games on mobile devices to digital animals that tell stories (instead of the parents themselves...)

At Ninemia we try to give the children stimuli to develop their imagination and creativity. Our approach to the classic train ride is based on letting the children imagine their way trhough the ride while observing the hotel grounds through a child-sized train, feeling safe.

Thus, A fresh approach to the train ride!  

We are here to make your children happy!
Do not miss it...


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